Fixation of Fracture Fifth Metatarsal Bone by Cannulated Screws

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Mohamed A. Safy


Background: Today, There is great difference regarding fixation of fracture of base of fifth metatarsal bone

Patients and Methods : Between March 2021 and June 2021a prospective study was bone on twenty patients (5 females and 15 males) with a mean age 40 years old (range 30-05 years), in Mataria Teaching Hospital. The mode of trauma was twisting injury in all patients. Patients were followed up for 4 months post operatively. All patients had under gone cannulated screws.

Results : 19 patients had excellent outcomes regarding AOFAS (Nopain, Complete union) only one patient had residual pain with non union (It was a comminuted fracture case).

Conclusion : Fixation of fracture base of fifth metatarsal bone by cannulated screws is a very effective method of treatment with short hospital stay and rapid recovery period.

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Safy, M. A. . (2023) “Fixation of Fracture Fifth Metatarsal Bone by Cannulated Screws”, International Journal of Integrated Medical Research, 10(03), pp. 111–114. doi: 10.57181/ijoimr/vol10i03/130.
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