Once a manuscript is submitted to Journal, the editorial office conducts a preliminary check with respect to plagiarism. If plagiarized content is less than 15%, the author may be asked to revise the manuscript. If substantial plagiarism (>15%) is noticed in manuscript content or part thereof, the manuscript is straight away rejected. IJOIMR reviewers also conduct the plagiarism check in a similar manner and can make recommendations whether or not to consider the manuscript further. Even after acceptance of the manuscript or post-publication, if the plagiarism/duplication/re-publication of already published work in any language is observed, the case is referred to the IJOIMR executive board who conducts a full inquiry giving due opportunity to the concerned authors. In case of violation of provisions contained in author agreement or of grave and unethical misconduct as a researcher with respect to publishing the work, the published article may be retracted with no refund/adjustment of manuscript handling fee under intimation to authors’ institution/funding agency.