Wound Healing Mechanism, Infection and Models

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Shona N.
Lalitha Vaidyanathan


Wound healing though a natural process, is found to be impaired in some conditions. These require therapeutic agents to accelerate and regain loss of functional tissue. Understanding the mechanism behind the healing process is essential to identify enhancing agents. Several phytocompounds have been studied to possess this activity and in-vivo models have been used to screen such compounds. The models used are expected to simulate the wound environment as in humans. Impairment in healing is a major contribution of microbes that colonise the wound and a wide range of such microbes have been reported in clinical cases. These microbes either act by making wound inflammation chronic or by devastating the wound tissues to increase the severity. Development of wound infection models and biofilms has become valuable tools to comprehend the effect of the colonising microbes on the wound.    

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N., S. and Vaidyanathan, L. (2020) “Wound Healing Mechanism, Infection and Models”, International Journal of Integrated Medical Research, 7(02), pp. 05–09. doi: 10.57181/ijoimr/vol7i02/28.
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