A Case Of Accidentally Crushed Hand: Effectiveness of Yoga Prana Vidya (YPV) Healing as Complementary Therapy in Speedy Recovery

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Karunambigai S
Dr. Venkata Satyanarayana Nanduri


Background: A 19-year-old male college student riding a bike met with a road accident and fell on the road when his right hand was run over by a truck and got crushed. Multiple surgeries were performed on his injured hand and Holistic YPV healing sessions were conducted as a complementary therapy for over 2 months to enable faster recovery physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Method: This study used a case study method going through the patient’s medical records, YPV healer’s records, and patient feedback.

Results: The intervention of YPV healing in the process of recovering from the severe accident injury was extremely helpful, with boosted mental health, physical improvement, and faster recovery. The energy received and the results of the healing as experienced by the patient were remarkable.

Conclusions: The results from this study suggest that YPV healing protocols as complementary therapy are beneficial for the treatment of crush injuries of the hand, resulting in faster recovery with better functional outcomes. Further research in similar cases is recommended.

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S, K. and Nanduri, D. V. S. (2023) “A Case Of Accidentally Crushed Hand: Effectiveness of Yoga Prana Vidya (YPV) Healing as Complementary Therapy in Speedy Recovery ”, International Journal of Integrated Medical Research, 10(04), pp. 126–132. doi: 10.57181/ijoimr/vol10i04/148.
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Karunambigai S, Associate Certified YPV Healer & YPV Level 1 Trainer, Erode, Tamil Nadu, INDIA

Associate Certified YPV Healer & YPV Level 1 Trainer, Erode, Tamil Nadu

   Email: shrimaathini@gmail.com, Mobile: 7639304321

Dr. Venkata Satyanarayana Nanduri, Consultant, Research & Publications, YPV Ashram, Sri Ramana Trust, Thally-635118, Tamil Nadu, INDIA

Arhat Yogi, Consultant- Research & Publications


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