Neuromyelitis Optica Spectrum Disorder (Device’s Disease): - A Case Report Of Full Recovery With Corticosteroids, Therapeutic Plasmapheresis And Immunotherapy COVID VACCINE UNRAVELLING THE DEVIC’S WITHIN

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Dr. Raghavi A. Bembey
Dr. Aman Singla
Dr. Ram Babu


Neuromyelitis optica is a severely disabling inflammatory disorder of autoimmune etiology of the central nervous system, mainly affecting the optic nerves and spinal cord. Here, we present a case report of neuromyelitis optica in a 28-year-old Indian woman who presented with sudden painless loss of vision with tingling followed by weakness of all four limbs with bowel involvement that developed over a period of one week, with a significant history of recent vaccination with COVISHIELD (ChAdOx1 nCoV- 19) vaccine . Clinical evaluation showed diminished vision in both eyes, which progressed to loss of power across all major muscle groups in all limbs and bowel involvement. Magnetic resonance imaging of brain with contrast was done which showed T2W/FLAIR hyperintense non enhancing signal in bilateral thalami extending caudally in mid brain on left side and in midline anterior medulla with subtle T2 hyperintense signal in body of corpus callosum, similar foci are seen in bilateral frontoparietal white matter suggestive of ADEM or demyelination. Also T2 hyperintense signal in both optic nerves [left> right] in posterior part of orbit suggestive of optic neuritis. MRI whole spine showed multiple patchy hyperintense signals on T2 and hypointensity on T1 all over cervical and dorsal vertebrae through whole segment in contiguous manner. The patient was immediately started on intravenous methylprednisolone pulse therapy followed by plasmapheresis and immunomodulator therapy. The diagnosis of neuromyelitis optica was later confirmed with strongly positive neuromyelitis optica immunoglobulin G. Since, treatment was started early patient responded very well and made full recovery. Hence, early initiation of aggressive immunosuppressive treatment is essential in such cases.

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Bembey, D. R. A., Singla, D. A. and Babu, D. R. (2023) “Neuromyelitis Optica Spectrum Disorder (Device’s Disease): - A Case Report Of Full Recovery With Corticosteroids, Therapeutic Plasmapheresis And Immunotherapy: COVID VACCINE UNRAVELLING THE DEVIC’S WITHIN”, International Journal of Integrated Medical Research, 10(03), pp. 95–101. doi: 10.57181/ijoimr/vol10i03/120.
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